Ellens thoughts:

"I love to plan, and for me one of my favourites each week is my training schedule and content. I love the surprise factor and the constant variety of movements in CrossFit. As someone who exercises regularly, and not just CrossFit, it's important to be constantly and safely challenged through careful programming. While I might not know the content of each session in advance, the structure of the programming at CFK allows me to work on specific movements or weaknesses and know that I will progress in good time as long as I stay consistent in both effort and attendance. And my hot tip... the secret to success and all the gains often lies in the Accessories ;)."


Mattys thoughts:

"The programming at CFK is second to none! If you want to improve your aerobic/metabolic fitness, strength, Mobility, coordination and also reduce your body fat percentage and gain lean mass then this is the place for you.. the coaches are outstanding and always do their best to guide you through each session with the utmost professionalism.... I highly recommend you giving it a red hot go.."