Grocery Shopping 101

Let’s look at some simple ways we can ‘eat healthy’ without it costing us our whole weeks pay.

  • Have a plan. Have a shopping list ready to go before you shop and stick to it. Don’t buy any extras just because they’re appealing. Companies spent big $$$ on making their products appealing af. Don’t be sucked in.

  • Try and do most of your own cooking and prep. Foods pre prepped and/or cooked are generally far more expensive.

  • Buy produce on sale.

  • Buy in bulk or larger quantities. Freeze extras that you’re not going to use for the week.

  • Priorities quality foods. Especially organic/grass fed/free range/wild caught animal produce. As well as organic and/or spray free fruits and vegetables.

  • If budget is a little tight but you still want to eat as quality as you can, consider checking out ‘The Dirty Dozen & Clean fifteen list’ . It is a list published by the Environmental Working Group each year.

  • ⁣The Dirty Dozen is a list of produce items most likely to contain high levels of pesticides. If possible, these might be foods to prioritise purchasing organic.

  • ⁣The Clean Fifteen are crops that likely contain the least amount of pesticides, so we could purchase regular options.

  • An easy rule of thumb? If it has a thick skin/shell of some sort on the outside, you can consider buying regular.

  • That being said Fruits and vegetables are always better than no vegetables, so if regular options are all the budget allows for then go for that!

  • Ideally we want to avoid frozen veg, however, If going frozen, I’d suggest skipping the bags that are pre-seasoned/sauced etc. ⁣

  • ⁣Its not ideal to heat plastic and eat vegetables out of it, however, Its better than nothing and if the choice is between microwave veggies and no veggies, microwave veggies still win out.⁣

Below are some options that generally shouldn’t break the bank!

Veggies (carbs):⁣⁣




squash (butternut, spaghetti, acorn)⁣⁣


Capsicum ⁣⁣

Fresh Green Beans ⁣⁣

Red or Green Cabbage⁣⁣

Loose Spinach, Kale⁣⁣



Fruit in season or on sale⁣⁣


Lemons and Limes⁣⁣


Banana ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Frozen berries⁣


Mince- turkey, chicken, beef⁣⁣

Chicken breast

Chicken thighs⁣⁣⁣⁣


Greek Yogurt⁣




Whole wheat or plant-based pastas⁣


⁣Potato, white or sweet


Peanut Butter⁣⁣

Nuts/seeds in bulk instead of already in a package⁣⁣

Coconut Oil⁣⁣

2019 clean fifteen & dirty dozen list